At Blink, we pursue financially sustainable investments and projects. We base our impact strategy on the following mission:

"Challenging the existing for a brighter future"


Our mission guides us in everything we do and helps us to maximise our three main impact goals:

  • Influence people’s behaviours towards a more sustainable future
  • Support sustainable, innovative agriculture initiatives
  • Promote regenerative tourism practices

These impact goals are fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2, 8, 9 & 12). We developed an investment strategy based on our theory of change. The starting points are our 3 impact goals. These are connected to the long and medium term expected social and environmental changes (outcomes), short term changes (outputs), activities necessary to achieve the outputs and outcomes and the inputs or resources used to develop our activities. Blink’s theory of change should guide all decision making processes.


  • Changes people's behaviours toward a more sustainable development
  • Support sustainable agriculture
  • Promote regenerative tourism


  • Foster innovation, knowledge creation and sharing
  • Increase productivity, income, well-being, inclusiveness, and agency of people and community
  • Protect natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity


  • Increase awareness
  • Improve skills
  • Create jobs
  • Build and develop enterprises
  • Improve systems, procedures and practises
  • Support the adoption and use of technology


  • Create impact stories
  • Promote events and build communities
  • Invest to change
  • Improve partners' capacity, governance and leadership
  • Develop and support innovative projects
  • Encourage open source practices


  • Access to capital
  • Technical assistance
  • Impact measurement
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity

Blink C.V.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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