What we do

Blink is a single family office focused on promoting market-based solutions to poverty, social and economic inequality, and environmental degradation. We do this by investing in highly impactful investment funds aligned with three broad impact pillars: economic empowerment, access to basic goods and services, and environmental protection. We also make selective direct investments in highly scalable businesses that generate significant impact in one or more of these impact pillars.

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Impact pillars

Blink’s investment strategy is constructed around three primary impact pillars that we believe are crucial in developing an economy that improves the lives of the many, not the few.

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Basic Goods and Services

We believe that businesses can and should play a significant role in broadening access to basic goods and services. We want to help build a society where everyone has access to good quality, affordable education and healthcare and to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities; where transportation systems efficiently facilitate the movement of goods and people; where financial services enable payments, loans, savings and investments to people and businesses in both urban and rural economies; and where the internet promotes the free flow of information and ideas to all people.

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Economic Empowerment

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of most developing and frontier economies. We believe their growth will generate good quality employment, training opportunities, and sustainable income streams for their owners, employees, and suppliers as well as tax revenues for governments to fund investment in education, healthcare and infrastructure. They have the potential to generate prosperity for all stakeholders, and thereby benefit societies as a whole. However, in order to facilitate growth, SMEs need access to flexible financing and markets – which is what we aim to provide through our investments, along with promoting improved social, environmental and governance standards.

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Environmental Protection

We believe that businesses should be a force for good in protecting our natural environment and valuing the natural resources on which we depend to lead healthy and happy lives. Through our investments we want to help build an economy powered by renewable energy; a society that recognises the true value of natural resources and our natural environment; a circular economy where recycling and reusing are the norm and not the exception; and a community that conserves the natural habitat for all living things and thrives in harmony with that habitat – not at its expense.

Where we invest

We focus primarily on Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and South & Southeast Asia, but we also selectively invest in developed markets. Our team is based in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and the US.