Affordable Internet to Underserved Communities

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South Africa


2019 - 2020

Impact Pillar:


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Blink invested in TooMuchWifi to support the company in their goal to deliver affordable premium internet to homes and businesses in underserved urban communities in South Africa.

The Problem: Unaffordable internet access in low-income urban areas, especially informally settled communities of South Africa which are densely populated and inconsistently serviced beyond and limited to mobile network operator data. Township population will spend between 15%-30% of their daily income on mobile internet data, leading to poor internet literacy beyond comms/entertainment and poor access to modern services such as education and government services. Achieving universal and affordable access to broadband is a capital-intensive challenge. Estimates by the UN Broadband Commission indicate that nearly $450 billion is needed to connect the 1.5 billion offline population globally.

This issue is linked directly to SDG 9. Innovation and Infrastructure and indirectly to SDG 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth and SDG 4. Quality Education

Solution: We believe that TooMuchWifi┬┤s role is key in providing affordable and accessible last-mile connectivity that will have a transformational impact across multiple sectors of the economy, increasing overall productivity, creating employment opportunities, and having a direct increase on GDP growth. Studies estimate that a 10% increase in broadband penetration can improve GDP growth by 0.6% – 2.8%.

Expanding broadband connectivity has transformational power. Last Mile Fixed Wi-Fi and Fiber Networks are essential to bridging the connectivity gap.