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Invest to change

At Blink we invest to change.
To change the economic, social and environmental status quo which is not working for the majority of people in the world still living in poverty.
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Sanitation in Urban Slums
Tackling challenges of pit latrine emptying in urban slums

Kenya’s cities are growing rapidly. In Nairobi, more than half of the population – over 2 million people – live in urban slums with limited access to basic services including safe sanitation. As a result of this, 66% of all fecal waste generated in Nairobi ends up untreated back in the ecosystem, polluting the environment and harming public health.

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World Soil Day
How Biodigesters Help Us Protect One of Our Most Valuable Resources

Today is World Soil Day, a day that may not always be present in our minds or calendars, but still reminds us of the importance of something so simple, yet so vital for life on our planet. To commemorate this day, I want to share with you some information on what makes this resource so incredibly valuable, as well as why, now more than ever, we should protect it!

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Internet in Kenya
Poa! Internet Completion of Kenya's Largest Public Wi-Fi Network

poa! Internet has announced that Kenya’s largest public Wi-Fi network is completed. With over 3,000 hotspots in Nairobi and Kiambu counties, its subscribers will be able to experience seamless home broadband and street.

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Mobile Payments in Nigeria
Deepening Digital Payments: Paga Has Partnered with Remita

We are excited to announce our partnership with Remita to make Federal Government bill payments available to all Paga customers!

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Case studies


Unaffordable internet access in low-income urban areas, especially informally settled communities of South Africa which are densely populated and inconsistently serviced beyond and limited to mobile network operator data.